Technology and security

„It is not only for what we do that we are held responsible, but also for what we do not do.“

Why us?

The security of your data has the same priority for us as for you. All data that we store and process is secured in accordance with applicable laws and safety standards. Whether it is control of data access, backup or encryption, we always implement such measures for individual cases that provide safe protection against misuse, leakage, or loss.

  • We use robust and flexible Daktela PBXs that facilitate connection with other systems that provide own application logic.
  • We protect data with time backups and access control to ensure maximum security.
  • We provide customers with reports using the SQL Server Reporting Services tool, which provides the required scope, format, and interval.
  • Localities are secured by redundant connectivity and strict high-quality service conditions.

We are therefore very well aware that in order to be able to provide high-quality services to modern call centres, our operational and business strategy must go hand in hand with the technology strategy. That’s why we use for our telephone services the first-class Daktela PBXs, which are the industry leader and are exceptional in terms of robustness and flexibility, enabling us to offer customers reliable services tailored to their specific needs.

The systems used provide a documented API that allows implementation of own application logic, either directly above the layer of the telephone service or over any higher business logic layer.

All of our systems, as well as data, are run in a virtualized environment with redundant operation of individual components and on-line migration of virtual machines, so in the event of a critical failure we are able to ensure a minimal delay of minutes to seconds while we re-establish our systems, geo- redundantly.

We are able to deliver reports to our customers based directly on specific requirements, thanks to the implementation of the modern SQL Server Reporting Services visualization tool. By linking this app with our unique processes and tools, we can deliver reports in the required formats practically at any time interval, and with data that the customer requests based on his specific requirements.

Application logic providing business functionality requires adequate support for the operating layer. Therefore, in localities, we use redundant connectivity with different inputs at the last mile level according to specific requirements, and we require very strict high-quality requirements from providers. In addition, individual localities are interconnected, ensuring their interoperability and substitutability.

Technologies and tools used:


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