Lead Generation

„Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men make them.“
(Napoleon Bonaparte)

One of the ways to acquire new clients or to reach existing ones with a new offer is the Lead Generation system (generating business opportunities for active sales). It is the most effective sales marketing support tool available these days – a way to streamline telemarketing and boost sales support.

We can advise you:

  • which clients should be addressed with the given offer,
  • what method of communication will be most appropriate.

We will also choose the ideal follow-up communication mix that will suit both the client and the end user.

We will help you choose customers with potential.

  • We filter prospective customers for your service/product based on input information from previous interaction.
  • We will only address people who are really interested in your service/product.
  • We customize offers based on your requirements.
  • We will supply contacts and detailed information about each customer.

Service benefits:

  • easy measurability of costs and profit,
  • high-quality data processing – client selection, setting a strategy to reach customers,
  • efficient processes and the possibility to control quality at any time during the process,
  • the possibility to select operators before launching the project based on the offer specification   no need to own the CRM system,
  • high success rate of campaigns: 4–22%.
  • + You only pay for the number of leads you really acquire thanks to the given marketing strategy.

Other ways to increase the number of leads:

High-quality leads can also be acquired from the market using the so-called cold acquisition, i.e. reaching the target group with a Multi-Channel Campaign containing a certain call to action which can be expected to trigger a response from a prospective client, for example (campaigns in social networks, online campaigns,direct mails)

Therefore, in order to acquire the maximum number of new, high-quality leads, it is best to use a combination of the Lead Generation and Multi-Channel Campaign services.



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