Multi-channel campaigns

„If you only imitate others, your own uniqueness will not shine.“
Jenny Shih

Multi-channel campaigns from our Contact Centre can complement your existing 360° marketing communication campaigns.

On the basis of the initial analysis, we are able to suggest solutions for you, for example, how to increase the number of customers with real potential or how to increase sales, for example within your one-off special offer.

It is therefore possible to use a combination of our services that we are able to individually put together into a Multi-channel campaign package so that we maximize the achievement of a defined goal (increased sales, increased brand awareness or product awareness, recruitment of a given number of employees, market research, database expansion, an increase in the number of fans on your Facebook profile, etc.). We use our existing services to do this, but we are also able to offer some diversification of services if it will mean increasing the effect of the campaign. We are also constantly looking for new technologies and methodologies that subsequently increase the overall efficiency of our services.

For multi-channel campaigns, we combine these services, for example:

  • Direct mailing,
  • Text send out,
  • Special customer lines for potential customer feedback queries with the possibility of immediate conclusion of the contract,
  • Online campaigns – collecting leads (Facebook, banners, videos, special microsites, etc.) or information on the special offer,
  • Double Touch Method DTM (link to this service) – surveys of interest in a product/service.

A prerequisite for successful campaigns is:

  • Accurate settings of service parameters,
  • Proper targeting
  • And selecting a suitable database.

Within the multi-channel communication, we can process responses sent through social networks, and we also use a written form like texts or emails to communicate with end-users, followed by feedback by phone. Alternatively, we await responses in customer call centre.

A creative concept for the entire campaign can form a part of the service (microsite, landing page, Newsletter templates, banners, videos).

Use of the service:

  • customer acquisition,
  • generating interest in service/product,
  • building a prospective customer database,
  • preliminary marketing research aimed at identifying interest in your products/services.

Service benefits:

  • everyday possibility to reach a large number of new customers,
  • campaigns’ success rate at 6–8% (exceeds the market average by 50%),
  • multi-channel communication.

Transforms How You Spend Time

Díky dlouholetým zkušenostem se službami v oblasti BPO a s multikanálovou komunikací dokážeme skloubit tradiční i moderní způsoby komunikace tak, abychom našim zákazníkům vždy poskytli profesionální služby externího kontaktního centra.

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