Opportunity Management System

„Never underestimate listening.It is one of the most important skills you can learn.“
(M. LeBoeuf)

Meetings with a guaranteed high-quality level and a system to generate only relevant business opportunities.

The Opportunity Management System (OMS) is a service sought-after particularly by companies engaged in active sale of services or products (in the B2C and B2B segment) and where personal meetings have to be arranged with the customer and the own or contractual commercial representative of the company. The service guarantees a high-quality of lead management services and efficient feedback with instant check of the quality of cold called leads.

What makes OMS exceptional?

  • We only generate relevant business opportunities.
  • Once generated, the opportunity is immediately presented to the salesperson.
  • User-friendly system for the salespersons – access to the system via PC or mobile phone.
  • Prior to contacting the customer, the salesperson is given the recording of the call that generated the opportunity – this is highly appreciated by salespersons because they can immediately form an idea about the customer.
  • The salespersons themselves decide, based on the recording made, whether to accept the lead and, only if the lead is accepted, to subsequently pay for it.
  • The salesperson can immediately provide feedback on the quality of the new opportunity.


At present, the proportion of accepted leads reaches 93%, which proves the high quality of this service.


A) For salespersons:

  • They only get business opportunities with great potential and do not have to search for them.
  • Before a meeting with the customer, the salesperson listens in their mobile phone to the recording of the call which led to the arrangement of the meeting.
  • They negotiate with a briefed customer.
  • They receive daily reports on their open business transactions.
  • We watch for them the time limits of the individual business transactions.
  • They can immediately provide feedback on the arranged meeting.

B) For business team managers:

  • They have a lot more business opportunities for their team, better fulfilment of the plan.
  • They better manage salespersons’ activities and improve their pace.
  • They have everyday knowledge of all business transactions and their development.
  • The daily report shows the activity of commercial representatives → number of delayed business transactions.

In addition, we watch for you:

  • Compliance with time limits.
  • We communicate with salespersons and customers.
  • We bring business transactions to the sales stage.


Transforms How You Spend Time

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