Back Office Services

„Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.“
(H. Ford)

We provide a wide range of administrative work associated with customer service support. This service is thus most often used as part of Customer Care, but can also be used independently according to the individual needs of the client. Full document digitization and completion, including entry of data into systems, and database management are matter of course.

Within Back Office service, we will arrange:

  • processing electronic inquiries and requests archiving documents,
  • updating and management of databases (contact persons, technicians, servicing, information about existing customers),
  • handling complaints and settlements in written form,
  • digitization of mail and documents,
  • organizing consumer contests and loyalty programme management,
  • entering and verifying new input information about a prospective customer calling the line (the so-called lead generation),
  • verification calls,
  • verifying sales quality.

Service benefits

  • considerable operating cost savings,
  • high-quality technical support,
  • reduction of personnel costs.

Transforms How You Spend Time

Díky dlouholetým zkušenostem se službami v oblasti BPO a s multikanálovou komunikací dokážeme skloubit tradiční i moderní způsoby komunikace tak, abychom našim zákazníkům vždy poskytli profesionální služby externího kontaktního centra.

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