Consultancy Services

„Sales is a process, the process of building a relationship and turning a skeptic into a believer and making a stranger your friend.“
(S. W. Martin)

We provide consultancy in the field of contact centre organization and management. Our knowledge relies on more than ten years of experience with call centre operation.

We will advise you how to:

  • increase the efficiency of the inbound (marketing strategy that will bring you customers thanks to interesting, high-quality and accurately targeted content and information) or outbound operation (marketing strategy that will secure precise outbound communication with customers: information about new products, services, spreading awareness of the brand, etc.),
  • establish a new internal contact centre (call centre),
  • expand services of the existing contact centre (call centre),
  • set up a motivation system and internal processes,
  • conduct successful recruitment of new contact centre (call centre) employees.

Service benefits:

  • Thanks to many years of experience in the field of managing large contact centres (call centres) and to the preliminary analysis of your contact centre’s services, we can prepare a recommendation for further steps to be taken in order to increase the efficiency of your operation.

Transforms How You Spend Time

Díky dlouholetým zkušenostem se službami v oblasti BPO a s multikanálovou komunikací dokážeme skloubit tradiční i moderní způsoby komunikace tak, abychom našim zákazníkům vždy poskytli profesionální služby externího kontaktního centra.

Patří sem převážně procesy v oblasti: