Marketing research

„However beautiful the strategy, you should
occasionally look at results.“

(W. Churchill)

Marketing research allows you to identify shortcomings in the setup of the service/product parameters or in your customer service processes, or to find out the market potential for a new or modified product/service. Based on information obtained, you can very quickly react and eliminate those shortcomings, adjust parameters or set up a new business plan. In this marketing discipline, we are able to deliver capacity and skilled labour force that will process the entire research based on the client’s requirements.

Most often, we provide these services:
Customer satisfaction survey (customer satisfaction with a product/service, servicing, sale, etc.) and survey of customer service processes (instant customer experience).

Customer satisfaction survey:
Customer satisfaction feedback is obtained particularly through phone inquiry that is subsequently processed in the final report. The inquiry process parameter setup is chosen by the clients themselves.

Survey of customer service processes:
Whether your customer service processes work the way they should can be best determined using Mystery Calls, Mystery Emailing or Mystery Shopping. The subsequent result analysis lets you see which of the subprocesses is the most problematic and where the service parameters should be modified.

Mystery Calls:

  • mapping the level of communication and customer care,
  • identifying the skills of operators, employees, waiting time, efficiency,
  • communication with the client, etc.

Mystery E-mailing:

  • monitoring the customer service quality,
  • identifying shortcomings in service processes on company or information emails within the framework of customer communication,
  • pointing out shortcomings, recommending a suitable work process.

Mystery Shopping:

  • identifying shortcomings in the service/ sales process (personal visit, phone, Internet) from the point of view of a common customer,
  • detecting the approach and the quality of care of the sales staff, client support or the call centre operators towards clients.

The original concept of customer service is changing as digitization progresses. With the onset of new technologies, the overall way of communicating and customer expectations are changing as well. Therefore, in order to communicate with customers in marketing research, we also use other communication channels, the so-called Multi-Channel Communication (SMS, chat, social networks, email).

Service benefits:

  • The “Survey of Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service Processes” service is carried out by experienced operators who have rich experience with asking questions to respondents through which they get a realistic picture on perception of your services/products by customers.
  • Thanks to our capacity, we make calls faster and in a more personalized manner. We are able to deliver an accurate call recording which shows the entire course of communication with the customer – what the customer said and how they expressed themselves. Therefore, we can perform an accurate data analysis which leads to individual customers or calls.

Transforms How You Spend Time

Díky dlouholetým zkušenostem se službami v oblasti BPO a s multikanálovou komunikací dokážeme skloubit tradiční i moderní způsoby komunikace tak, abychom našim zákazníkům vždy poskytli profesionální služby externího kontaktního centra.

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