Speech to text – content and contextual call analysis

7. 4. 2017

Contact centres are no longer just a telephone exchange where various telephone requests of customers are handled. Contact centres are now becoming a tool for ensuring maximum customer satisfaction, cost optimization, and profit increase.

In order for our contact centre to bring these benefits, we need to continually improve services we provide and use the latest technology and tools in a way that our client can grow with us. One of the new and effective analytical tools is the “Speech to text” method, a conversion of the speech to text form for subsequent content analysis that allows us to find out what keywords and phrases are in searched documents, or contextual analysis that allows to easily sort documents by selected topics.

Because we are aware of all the benefits this tool offers, we have used this analytic tool in selected projects and thanks to this we have again increased the quality of our services.

What is the added value of this tool?

  • Easy quality control of all calls,
  • The ability to respond quickly to changes in operation,
  • Simple search of calls by topic (sales phase, etc.),
  • Efficient operator development.

By converting the speech to text, you have all the incoming and outgoing information nicely together in one “TEXT” document. You simply enter the correct keywords or phrases and you get an immediate overview, for example:

  • When inappropriate words were used,
  • Where the given script was not followed,
  • When there was an increase in requirements to resolve claims,
  • When and what kind of responses came regarding the “special offer” – product inquiry, possibility of purchase, etc.

The standard tool for quality control of calls is the classic listening. However, this way it is possible to check approximately 10% of calls. To get a more accurate analysis, it is necessary to listen to a much larger percentage of calls. This means using more quality managers (listeners), which in turn means higher costs for the client.

And no imagine that you can analyze all calls based on your keywords and phrases and that you can easily find out, for example:

  • Why have your sales been going down: wrong contact time, wrong product/service selection, poorly led call, not all terms of the offer were mentioned.
  • Why have your sales been growing: reaction to a special offer, well-led call, very good up-sell, x-sell, etc.
  • What are the subjects of a call on a customer line: service failure, reduced quality of service, questions about opening hours (not found on the supplier’s website), delivery dates, complaints, etc.

A conversion of the speech to text allows control of the quality and content of all calls with 90% accuracy and a significantly lower number of “listeners” = saving time and money.

The ability to respond quickly to changes in operation:

Monitoring of incoming and outgoing calls instantly notifies you about the change in operation (increase or decrease in calls, longer call duration, etc.). The Speech to text tool will immediately determine why the changes occurred. It analyzes very quickly the responses of the target groups to the introduced offer within the campaign or finds the keyword of the relevant problem – it effectively finds the real cause of the changes. This tool can also specify your target group selection, improve sales arguments, or expand your offer.

Operator development:

Thanks to quick feedback, we can work better on the personal development of each of our operators. For each of them, we are able to identify the extent of use of inappropriate words, his activity and the development of topics within a certain time span. Subsequently, we can work individually with each operator and support his professional growth in the area where he feels the best and where he is doing well.

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Barbora Tillová
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