We are introducing WebRTC technology

17. 1. 2017

In January of this year, we started to offer Home Office Agents jobs on the labour market – work from home. As the first call centre in the Czech Republic we introduced WebRTC technology for this purpose.

This technology allows real-time communication between the web browser and the server, eliminating the need to install additional programmes on the operator’s computer. A modern web browser is enough and it is not even necessary to have end-user PC under the control of the company. WebRTC technology also supports audio and video, which opens space for further utilisation within new projects (screen sharing, cobrowsing, etc.).

So far, this technology has been used as a “proof of concept”. Conectart is therefore a pioneer with the practical use of this technology in the production environment. A significant advantage of using this solution is the ability to control quality online, a high level of security, and significant cost savings associated with the additional purchase of SW and HW when expanding operator capacity.

Media Contact:

Barbora Tillová
Marketing Director


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